Services We Offer

Phoenix Industrial works with clients to develop cost-effective processes and
procedures to meet the multiple demands of industrial projects

Employment Opportunities

Phoenix Industrial is an equal opportunity employer that provides a safe and rewarding work environment

Safety Program

Phoenix Industrial supports the philosophy that health and safety is vitally
important to a successful business

Workface Planning

Phoenix Industrial has extensive experience with WFP and provides this
service to all projects.

Full Service Integrated Industrial Contractor

We continuously strive to maximize project owner's return on investment through proficient project execution and superior field efficiency.

Are you looking for a contractor that can handle all aspects of a project? Do you need a constructor that provides end to end services? Then Phoenix Industrial can help. From initial cost analysis and planning to execution of the budget in the field, experienced and knowledgeable managers will work with clients to establish systems that provide project transparency and accuracy. The principles of respect, openness and forward thinking are shared by all of our team members.

Working closely with project partners to ensure that you get what you pay for, when you want it. Phoenix Industrial delivers Visibility, Value, and Accountability to its clients through Leadership, Innovation and Performance excellence.

Contact us today to discover what Phoenix Industrial can do for you.

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