Safety Program

A Core Value Approach

Regardless of the size or location of the project, the health and safety of the people involved is the most critical factor. With established safe work practices and continual involvement from all staff, the goals of both the employees and the organization will be met. At Phoenix Industrial, we reconcile these goals by implementing safety as a core value that is supported throughout all levels of the organization.

Risk Management

Phoenix applies Risk Management at all stages of the project beginning the process at conception through execution and into turnover.

  • Identifying and mitigating the hazards through Safety Planning, Hazard Assessment & Emergency Response Planning, and providing measurable Leading & Lagging Indicator trending & analysis to help in future project planning.
  • Involved at the concept phase of the intended scope of work with Safety Management Plan, Project Hazard Assessment, Waste Management, Emergency Response Planning and Client Standard Review.
  • Involved at the field planning level with Site Safety Professionals, Fall Management Plans, Job Hazard Assessments, Audits, Supervisor Training and Codes of Practice.
  • Involved at the work front with Safety Meetings & Communication, Worker Task Hazard Assessments, In-House Training Programs, Site Inspections and Mentorship.
  • Providing Measurable statistics throughout and upon completion of 14 Leading Indicators, all possible Lagging indicators and over 100 Trending and Analysis Factors.

Behavioral Assessment System

Pro-actively establishes indicators that are shared with employees to establish solutions for all safety issues.  

Mentorship Program

All “green hands” are assigned a mentor to help them become accustomed to their new environment and to establish safe work practices. 

Leadership for Excellence

Through education, we provide employees with the tools and resources to take a leadership role in safety awareness.

Employee Contribution

Encouraged and respected at all times through established reporting processes and weekly safety consultations.  
Phoenix Industrial’s in-house case management system allows us to monitor recovery of employees and to create an efficient return to work plan. The Case Management system is supported by knowledgeable and experienced safety personnel who understand the regulations of the Workers Compensation Board. The safety team includes a licensed EMR who ensures all employees are given the continual assistance they require.  


As part of the Phoenix Industrial commitment to safety we are certified to the following standards:
  • COR (Certificate of Recognition – ACSA)
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • Complyworks
  • ISNetworld
  • PICS Auditing


All projects Phoenix Industrial engages in are completely supported by our safety team. Phoenix Industrial provides independent safety support to third party projects to assist with the development and ongoing commitment to safety in the industry. 

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